Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Law of the Will

The Law of Will
By Aiseyis Crowe
(See Aleister Crowley's "Message of Therion")

"The word of the Law is Will, The word of Sin is Restriction."

Pure Will exists as the underlying essence to every human, it is the thing that pushes us toward destruction or to creation. Intention begets will and yet is hindered by the ego which dilutes the will by making ill true intent with the poison of disorder.

When one puts the ego before the will, one worries of failure. Failure becomes intention and the Will is then met with this folly.

While destruction exists as an absolute variable in the binary of all that is, this folly begets a destruction of the Will's purity and so begets the destruction of any possible result.

What must truly be destroyed in pursuit of creation is ego.

It is only disorder that creates confusion and ill intent that creates disorder. Our paths, if pure and kept from the contaminate of ego, do not crash then burst like atoms but move forward on unique tracks according to true Will's intent.

Forget the ego. Forget your self. "Do what thou wilt" and express your freedom by adhering to that which enriches the purity of your goals.

Seek anything outside of this Will's intent and obstacles do certainly arise. Again the Will be met with folly.

"Every act that is not in definite course of that one orbit is erratic, an hindrance. Will must not be two, but one." Do not lust result for fear of failure and desire of success causes intention of Will to be split to pieces accordingly. Your own disorder begets the disorder of your path.

While straying from assumed or desired result, consider the intention of the Will to be met with infinite and unalterable purpose.

The sorcerer is then asked to discover what his will truly is so that the intention be created, the ego destroyed, and the purpose of the will met.

The road to the Will is paved in focus, detatchment from the self, and inner peace through the prior two.

The nature of will is sefless love. Selfless love may exist through even hate for both are passion, one in the same. True lovers battle it out in hate before mending their oneness in the bed of making love. Love becometh the point at the end of a spear that which connects the intent to Will and begets result.

"Love is the law, love under Will." -- Crowley

~Zero One

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