Friday, April 3, 2009

The Law of The Sorcerer

By Zero-One
(See: Aleister Crowley, Liber B vel Magi)

Sorcerers are betwixt Truth and Illusion. They obtain their power, of manipulation over the forces of nature and reality, through losing themselves and casting off pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. They bind twin forces through love, not selfishness. Through their wisdom they create their world and recognize God and the Universe through their "selves." Their power to influence exists through speech without hinderance of silence. They are the beginning and the end, forever betwixt the two.

Words, titles, and concepts are false. Understanding exists in darkness for neither is true but truth exists in the recognition of the lack of absolute nature to reality.

Darkness begets illumination for the truth is seen in untruth, in creation through the self.

Creation, preservation, destruction, redemption - weapons of the cyclical motion of all that is, exists but never "known" for one can never "know" anything and can only ever create or draw from existing conceptual systems.

This must be recognize to pull oneself into the void and outside of physical form.

The curse of the physical body be uplifted from them through methods attained within recognition of the above.

Their curse is to become the shaman, outside of the folly of inaction, outside of the burden of result. In speaking their wisdom falsehoods are assumed by their students whom are enslaved in perception of that which the sorcerer teaches. Words be spoken with understanding of misconception but without fear of this expression in itself. The law of the Will be fulfilled through acceptance of the inner self, shaped through the self's teachings of all that is within the sorcerer's inherent nature.

Let them take on shifts of shape, become the specific paradigm with which they work for moments at a time. They may take on aspects of Paradigm A, they may push this forward in their work and shift swiftly into Paradigm B if so wished. Let them then contemplate each shift in turn and in accordance to it's seemingly opposing variable, raising it to the ultimate power of infinity.

Sorrow begets Joy, Change begets Stability, Selfishness begets the Self.

Through meditation and practical method shall their teaching be solidified.

And woe be unto the sorcerer who does not teach his law to men.


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