Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meditation With Just Intonation - ROUGH DRAFT

Equal Temperament is what we recognize in music, it is the standard tuning which is tuned to equal steps but every tone is equally out of tune. In Equal Temperament, the natural harmonies are changed so that every tone is equal in measure. Just Intonation allows for notes to cross over one another but it restricts the range of musical effectiveness and the chords you play. The frequencies are based on natural frequencies found within the natural world. Because everyday music is generally tuned to Equal Temperament, we believe that the way we tune a note is arbritary. However, there are specific resonances in Just Intonation which play on specific perceptive and behavioral synapses in the brain.

256 (C), 128 - 192

266.67 (C#), 134 - 201

270 (C#2), 135 - 202.5

273.07 (Db), 136 - 204

288 (D), 144 - 216

300 (D#), 150 - 225

307.2 (Eb), 154 - 231

320 (E), 160 - 240

341.33 (F), 170 - 255

345.6 (F2), 172 - 258

360 (F#), 180 - 270

384 (G), 192 - 288

400 (G#), 200 - 300

409.6 (Ab), 204 - 306

426.67 (A), 214 - 321

432 (A2), 216 - 324

450 (A#), 225 - 337.5

460.8 (Bb), 230 - 345

480 (B), 240 - 360

512 (C) 256 - 384

The frequencies on the left are the originals and they are based on the frequency scale 256-512hz. They are based on a 19-tone Just Intonation Scale.

The frequencies on the right are the orginals divided in half and rounded up to the nearest even whole number, and also their related fifths. The fifths are all calculated to their related root notes using the ratio of 3/2. This gives them their strong resonance with the root note.

I have made sound files for all of the frequencies on the right, which are all combinations of root notes and their fifths to form a 5th Chord, which is commonly known to make power chords in rock music. I did this by using the program Audacity for Mac. The program has the ability to generate sine wave tones as well as other waves, though the sine waves are the most effective in meditation.

The use of just intonation is what makes these frequencies so resonant. When using the common tuning of equal temperament, each notes relation to one another by frequencies is compromised in order to extend the range of musical tonality and give the ability to transpose pieces of music to different musicals keys. The fact that in just intonation the notes and chords are restricted to a smaller range is the only draw back to it, but in using the frequencies for purposes of meditation, this drawback is irrelevant.

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