Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meditation With Just Intonation - ROUGH DRAFT

Equal Temperament is what we recognize in music, it is the standard tuning which is tuned to equal steps but every tone is equally out of tune. In Equal Temperament, the natural harmonies are changed so that every tone is equal in measure. Just Intonation allows for notes to cross over one another but it restricts the range of musical effectiveness and the chords you play. The frequencies are based on natural frequencies found within the natural world. Because everyday music is generally tuned to Equal Temperament, we believe that the way we tune a note is arbritary. However, there are specific resonances in Just Intonation which play on specific perceptive and behavioral synapses in the brain.

256 (C), 128 - 192

266.67 (C#), 134 - 201

270 (C#2), 135 - 202.5

273.07 (Db), 136 - 204

288 (D), 144 - 216

300 (D#), 150 - 225

307.2 (Eb), 154 - 231

320 (E), 160 - 240

341.33 (F), 170 - 255

345.6 (F2), 172 - 258

360 (F#), 180 - 270

384 (G), 192 - 288

400 (G#), 200 - 300

409.6 (Ab), 204 - 306

426.67 (A), 214 - 321

432 (A2), 216 - 324

450 (A#), 225 - 337.5

460.8 (Bb), 230 - 345

480 (B), 240 - 360

512 (C) 256 - 384

The frequencies on the left are the originals and they are based on the frequency scale 256-512hz. They are based on a 19-tone Just Intonation Scale.

The frequencies on the right are the orginals divided in half and rounded up to the nearest even whole number, and also their related fifths. The fifths are all calculated to their related root notes using the ratio of 3/2. This gives them their strong resonance with the root note.

I have made sound files for all of the frequencies on the right, which are all combinations of root notes and their fifths to form a 5th Chord, which is commonly known to make power chords in rock music. I did this by using the program Audacity for Mac. The program has the ability to generate sine wave tones as well as other waves, though the sine waves are the most effective in meditation.

The use of just intonation is what makes these frequencies so resonant. When using the common tuning of equal temperament, each notes relation to one another by frequencies is compromised in order to extend the range of musical tonality and give the ability to transpose pieces of music to different musicals keys. The fact that in just intonation the notes and chords are restricted to a smaller range is the only draw back to it, but in using the frequencies for purposes of meditation, this drawback is irrelevant.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Tome

The Tome

This is not a graphic novel. This is not a novel. This is not a spell book. This is not an essay.

It is not erotic. It is not gentle and nor is it rough.

Something I like, something that speaks, about something else I know I shall keep. It speaks in waves and speaks in thought, it keeps you intrigued by wisdom sought. Open your mind to ideas and yet think critically.

The Tome is open. . .

(current graphic novel / novel project to be published in near future.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spirituality -> Politics -> Religion: A Response to “Religions Have Banned Metaphysical Spirituality”

On the corruption of spiritual beliefs.

You do not have to read the original article to understand my response, however if you do want to read the article, it is located here:

I want you to know that I agree with you, however in saying simply that "religions banned metaphysical spirituality" you over-generalize. It is the politics behind religious belief, not the religious belief itself.

The oppression that appears to stem from the absolute term of "religions" is actually the result of political schemes that both fund and support the organization of beliefs associated with spirituality resulting in the corruption of spirituality itself. People with money and power are behind the religious constructs as most people see them today.

You are absolutely right about the impact three major sects have on our society and the wisdom that is allowed to us. The problem here is not specifically religions, or the beliefs associated, but the political hierarchy that presupposes those beliefs. It is not wrong to be a Christian or any other religion, what is wrong is accepting what is "put into document" by any specific religion according to the socio-political constructs that have been made.

Essentially, it is the "rules" that have been made to keep "order" that had begot the organization of spiritual beliefs into doctrine.

From the beginning of time it has been the tribe leader to make the rules. In the past, the shaman was a teacher, respected, even in higher position then the leader who would consult the unbiased shaman in order to discern that which was best for his people. Keep in mind, though, that there are many tribes with shamans that don't necessarily believe in the same thing. Two shamans practice their art in different ways in the way that two painters paint the same sky according to their separate perceptions.

Here's where it changes. Look at the progress of ancient bartering into the exchange of currency.

I'm from a different tribe than you are, in this example.

You set a place-holder value to a chip of rock and give it to me as an "I.O.U" for goods received. I say to (Person A), "Hey, I got this chip from Bill, I have a really good idea. You can give me one lamb and I will give you this chip. This way, you can go to Bill and exchange the chip that he gave me for a good of his. What do you think?" And Person A takes the chip, returns to you, gives you the "I.O.U." and you give Person A something of worth according to the goods that you received from me.

The shaman is usually outside of the exchange of "I.O.U." placeholder chips for goods because it is the people of the tribe that offer him gifts in return for his guidance and the wisdom of his mysteries.

The chips become more in number in order to place specific value to goods.

Your tribe leader, who suggested that you give me a chip for goods received, gets a share of your goods in return for the suggestion. He starts to collect many of his own I.O.U chips from other tribe members including yourself.

People are starting to forget about the shaman, finding that they can exchange chips for pretty much anything they need. Who needs the wisdom of the universe when the world is right in front of them and so full of wonderful and amazing and unexplored things? Many thanks to the leader for his material contribution.

The shaman is no longer receiving the same gifts that he once did in return for his guidance. Not only is he starving, but he is losing his purpose as a shaman. He knows not what to make of this situation but stoically awaits for an answer.

The leader notices the starving, homeless, yet stoic shaman and says to himself, "I have an idea." He has numerous motives for his actions, most of which have to do with the allocation of jobs and resources now that the "I.O.U" chips have been established as currency.

He goes to the shaman and sees that he is distraught and confused about the ordeal, but still light enough to believe in his purpose. His worry is about the people of the tribe.

"I'll help you if you help me," says the leader.

The shaman looks at him confusedly, where had he gone wrong? What happened to the reverence of his purpose, of his message? His eyes are pleading and yet he says nothing.

"You want to help the people, you want to show them the mysteries of the universe, right?"

The shaman nods.

"Well, here, have these chips. This will help you get back on your feet again. I will tell the people to seek your wisdom, to listen to your words. I want you to spread your message, but with it, I want you to inspire the people of my tribe to work, this way there is a distribution of chips to labours made, a reason for our people to continue trading goods and ideas with each other. Your word will be spread and so will these chips!" And he offers more to the shaman.

The shaman doesn't like this idea at all, but he is not a fighter he is a dreamer, an observer, and a sharer of wisdom. He can not go out and hunt for his food and thus sees worth in the suggestion of the leader.

Eventually the leader loses sight of the spiritual altogether and finds that he is gaining absolute power over his people by spreading these chips. He threatens the shaman, saying that he will tell the people of the tribe not to go to him for advice, that his wisdom will be useless unless the shaman can tell the people what the leader knows they "need" to hear.

No! But the people need to hear these words, they will be better for it! What will I do?

And so it begins.

The leader becomes the king, hierarchies arise within his politics and thus within the shaman's word - begetting organization.

Systems of thought, no matter what they are, are not representative of the problem at it's core. Instead, it is the money and power which corrupts spirituality, regardless of a difference in beliefs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tarot Reading

I posted an ad on Kijiji regarding occult and the unknown.

After I posted this ad, I had a woman from (Blank City Western Canada) email me back and forth about a problem she was having. I predicted everything that would occur to a T. In order to get a better insight on the things that I predicted (because I'm skeptical and I didn't want to steer another human being wrong,) I did a tarot and a rune reading that only further confirmed what I said.

She didn't want to hear it and told me that I'm not meant to be a psychic. The next day she called and told me that I was dead on about alot of the things that I predicted - but she still didn't want to believe the meatier parts. That night I had a dream about the situation she was worried about and I saw the man she was concerned with, I saw exactly what he was wearing and where he was.

She told me the next day that what I saw was their first date together.

I felt unfortunately that he didn't want to be with her. He's not interested in a relationship at this time and is not interested in being with her at all. I tried to find easy ways to describe this to her but she has "psychic friends" who are telling her that she's going to end up moving in with this guy and she will gain a share in his powerful wealth and all sorts of other unrealistic things to keep her going.

My own predictions, however, were confirmed when she sent me a number of emails that she and this man had been sending to eachother back and forth. When I read what he wrote, I KNEW that he was trying to let her off easy and that he wasn't interested in her. I predicted that she is too much of a perfectionist and expects too much. Between the emails she sent me and the emails between the two of them, everything that I predicted came true and occurred in the same manner that I picked up on.

Unfortunately, she still believes that she is going to end up moving in with this guy and eventually marrying him. I don't like the idea of fortune tellers leading people astray. No good can come of this and I still feel it today. Every day I am agonized by it - how do I tell her to let it go and move on without severely upsetting her?

TAROT AND RUNE READING (Major Arcana, Futhark Runes)

Both readings are done in the same fashion of a 5-piece reading where,
1= Where you are now
2= Past
3= What will help you during this time
4= What MUST be accepted about the reading
5= Result

1. **The Universe**

As the last card of the Major Arcana (number 21), The Universe represents a cycle reaching completion. Relationships will come full circle and issues will be either resolved or finished. This is a pretty straight forward card. The cycle that was your experience with Duncan has come to be concluded and a new cycle is to begin. My advice would be to remain positive and let it go. Being that The Universe is at the end of the Major Arcana, you don't want to begin the new cycle at card 0, The Fool. Dwelling on the problem rather than accepting it may lead you back to Zero.

2. **The Moon**

The Moon's appearance may portend to a time of confusion, uncontrollable emotions, even mdness. But if we are prepared to leave familiar territory, The Moon can lead us to our deepest source of creativity. Pay attention to your dreams. Look at your fears to see what lies behind them.

This is yet another straight forward card. For me, this reads that before you contacted me for advice you were confused. Again you are asked to accept and let go. You told me that you had a dream about the situation? Perhaps starting from there would be the best option.

3. **The Star**

The Star foretells calm and peace, particularly after difficulty, and the chance to begin again. She spreads compassion and kindness among people and asks you to breathe deeply and feel her healing waters flow throughout your life.

A chance at a new beginning after a trial of the heart. In reading this, certain concepts stick out for me. In starting anew after accepting and moving on, I see a kind compassionate force in your future. Although you can find enlightenment within yourself, I believe that this refers to a connection among people. To help guide you, you will make a kindred connection with a compassionate person in your near future. This person, friend or lover, will help you begin a new course in life.

4. **The Fool**

This uncertain time may hold a mixture of fear and excitement, for the fool promises only change, not safe arrival. However, you can count on your own choices bringing forth a broader horizon. As soon as you are willing to step into the unknown, a new phase of your life will begin. Be aware, however, of The Fool's potential for carelessness. Do not ignore real dangers that surface. This is an opportunity to recognize risks and carry on with confidence.

This card, it's meaning, where it is in the tarot reading as well as its place in the Major Arcana, greatly relates to your situation. First, it confirms for me my first prediction. If you continue to dwell on the problem without following your inner instincts (in terms of the dream you had and this reading) you will start again at zero. You must follow your heart in the matter but be careful. Allow for a new phase in your life to begin and that will allow for a positive future and compassionate kindred prospects.

5. **The Heirophant**

He fosters spiritual growth and teaches about the sacred forces that lie behind everyday reality. His life revolves around one of the greatest questions of human kind: How are we related to the divine?

He symbolizes specific teachings and advice and notes that you must not forget that each person must ultimately find the sacred in their own way. The wisdom of the ages is only useful if it can be adapted to the present. It's time to take stock of your inner spiritual beliefs. Looking to different teachings may help to lead the way but ultimately it is up to you to comprehend your relationship with the sacred at a very personal level. Follow the path that is truly your own.

This card came as a pleasant surprise to me. It mentions the guidance that I am giving you in a metaphorical way. Ultimately, it tells me that my advice will point you in the right direction but that you must make the decisions for yourself. Please pay close attention to the situation and what has occurred throughout in order to allow the wisdom of the past to positively influence your future. Look inside yourself and pay attention to your dreams. Accepting what has happened and changing your path may lead you to the kindred spirit that I sense for you. And, if it is not a person specifically, it may be a higher guiding force such as the sacred divine.


1. **Mannaz** reversed

This rune indicates that you will have no help from any person throughout the duration of your reading. It indicates a way of life alien to you or a new person. Often this person will hold a sexual interest for you. You have been dwelling on the problem. Getting beyond these emotions may represent the alien way of life indicated by this rune. You can receive no further help or positive response from the person who holds your interest.

2. **Uruz** reversed

Uruz here suggests that you are about to or have already failed to take advantage of the moment. In the "past" position, this leads me to ask if perhaps Duncan made a proposition that you did not accept? Perhaps taking the relationship a step further at a speed that for him may have been quicker than your own? Were you worried to the point of passing up a good opportunity? Did you miss the chance to ask him for another date? Did something hold you back? This rune also indicates a low will power or self esteem.

Reversed as well as upright, Uruz heralds strong change, although you may not like the change very much. For a male, it can indicate physiological or psychological problems of a sexual nature.

3. **Daeg**

This rune has no negative aspects. Even in a negative cast, it shows that you posess the inner strength to turn your situation around if only you would utilize it's advice. This rune points to an eventual victory. The growth suggested by this rune is slow and steady rather than overnight. As the changes are happening you may not realize them but you may wake up one day and things will look much brighter.

Daeg has much to do with yourself, your attitude, and your inner strength. Putting up a good face will do much to help your present situation. Again, a suggestion of believing in yourself and in the beginning of a new and positive cycle of change. Paired with the reversed **Mannaz** above, it indicates that through your constant dwelling on the problem, you are drawing those very negative energies to you.

Sometimes drawing this rune will mark a major change. You may never live your life the same way again. Make the best of this situation over which you have no control and allow for a new start. You may be exposed to a new way of life or thought, even religious enlightenment.

4. **Wyrd** (Blank Rune)

This is a rune of total trust. It is closely akin with the ideas expressed by the Sanskrit word Karma - that we ourselves must accept responsibility for our own actions. Something unexpected is going to come to you. Whether it is positive or negative is up to you. It's meaning can best be interpreted by its relationship to the runes around it. In Wyrd there is everything and nothing. It shows that which is destined to be and can not be avoided. It can also indicate that you are seeking information that is not yours to know (the why of the matter).

5. **Ing**

This indicates a successful conclusion to the problem at hand and the sense of relief that comes with a mind free of anxiety. This is a very important rune which will prove to be a new milestone in your life. Once again, this may relate to the kindred spirit I predicted initially. This indicates the end of an old phase of life to give birth to a new and more exciting one. Positive energies and deliverance.

It looks like she's celebrating the end of a cycle by starting her new one at point Zero as The Fool.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Psychic Awareness

Before you begin, take a minute to think about your life completely, what effects your thought processes, what worries you, what makes you happy, what has made you who you are today. What about your life do you value? What would you change if you could?

I want you to try to keep all dialogical thoughts about the various parts of your life out of your actual meditation. I am going to show you how to read your own future and then some but this may take a couple of practices before it really sets in and in that you must start at the beginning. Either way, it will act to center you and give you the ability to discern a situation both objectively and subjectively.

We are always worrying about ourselves, in this exercise you will remove your "self," all of the things that make up You, so that you can allow your mind, your essence that is connected to everything, communicate with the universe. Removing your "self" is extremely important because doing so allows you the advantage of an unbiased answer to your question.

Think of this in terms of radio waves. You want to tune into one specific frequency (the everything that allows you to become psychically aware) but there is all this white noise (your own life situations, your thoughts, what your plans are, etc) coming in on the edges of what you're picking up. In order to hear the message clearly, you must turn the dial of the radio to tune in to the one specific station you would like to hear. This station is both nothing and everything but for today it is not at all one specific thing. You want to remove all terms and definitions from your view and then learn to pick up on the messages you are meant to hear.

Keep your eyes open. After your minute of reflection on moments of your life find a comfortable place to sit, preferably a comfy chair for good back support in a dimly lit room. Make sure that your butt is as far into the chair as necessarily comfortable and that your back is aligned perfectly with the chair's back. Light a candle and put on some low mood music. It can be any kind of music but preferably without lyrics. This will help you learn sound-focussing in order to remove specific thoughts from your mind.

For this exercise, you just want to pick up on whatever comes to you. Anything at all can come in through the emptiness and you should not worry whether or not the message has anything to do with you or the situations surrounding your life.

Breathe in as calmly and slowly as possible while focusing on the sound of the air moving in and then out of your lungs. As you listen to the air flowing through you start to empty your mind of all thoughts and your body of tension. Watch as the thoughts pertaining to your name, your gender, your school, your job, your power, your abilities, or anything else from your life dissipates. Do not think of your situation, instead go somewhere else. Visualize an open empty and bright space with the potential for anything to fill it.

Continue to breathe slowly in and out for about five minutes until you find that you are fully relaxed and thinking of nothing at all.

When you are completely relaxed, as you are looking into your room without paying any attention to the objects throughout it, start to visualize your inner spirit, your will but not your “self,” expanding and contracting outside of your entire being. Experience this expansion for a little while without words or thought. If you have reached the trance state, it should start to effect the way that your eyes perceive the space around you it should literally feel and look like it is your essence is expanding, you who is for the moment connected to all that is.

At this point, the space that you are in is where you find your answers. Don't start grasping for the answers at all, don't think about your situation or the person you are. You are one with everything and thus equal to all people and all living creatures on the planet. Instead, let answers come to you - they can be anything at all, people's names, dates, a visual scene, so on and so forth. Do not worry if you don't receive messages that are associated with you.

For this first step exercise you only want to pick up the first things that come to mind, you do not want your life and your own thoughts getting in the way of receiving true insight about any one thing.

If you decide to get used to this exercise and try it again, then would be the time to learn how to exist subjectively and objectively within the moment.

For now, just let anything come to you, try to remember what you are seeing/hearing/experiencing while still remembering that you are as everything else is, expanding and contracting. There is no you, only the everything that the universe has created. This experience should last more than fifteen minutes and closer to a half hour. You may start to get bored or uncomfortable and thoughts pertaining to your life will try to get in the way of your connection with the universe. Persevere through the interruptions and maintain your connection by keeping your “self” out of mind. Never consider your name or any other aspects that make you who you are.

When you are done in the trance state take a pen and paper and write down to the best of your knowledge everything that you remember.

From there, you can analyze the meanings. For me, it's usually a specific situation that has occurred or is going to occur, for most it can be day dreams or can come in the form of vivid metaphorical imagery that is only symbolic of the situation that is being shown to you. Remember, it can be about anything and anyone.

Please, let me know if you think this exercise works and if you are interested in doing it on a regular basis in order to attune your will, your faith, and your abilities. Let me know what you come up with.

Deus et natua non faciunt frusta

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chaos, Cancer, and Ayahuasca Therapy

What's Up?
In my "line of work" I often find myself helping others find themselves. I aim to contribute positively to the universe and in order to do so must recognize each individual as connected to, rather than divided from, the holistic everything.

Lately I've been helping a man with terminal cancer. I won't share with you his contact with me, in respect for his privacy, but instead the insights that I offered him in terms of his situation. I share this because I know that it will help others on a similar path to his own.

- Metaphysics
- Connected duality of the universe
- Coming to terms with life and death
- Entheogens
- Sigils

Chaos and Cancer Help
Your situations is quite a predicament but it is not unheard of. As I am familiar with with different types of life-altering magicks as well as the uses of specific substances in psycho and medical therapy, I think that I can offer substantial advice to help you with your problem. Please keep an open mind when I do describe these methods.

You should not feel in the lock of a karmic debt after reading the books that you have read. The whole point in metaphysics is to recognize the binary cycles that make up our entire system of existence as one universal drive. If you recognize that night and day, positive and negative, life and death, will always coincide with each other, you can bring yourself to a place that is outside of the physical definitions that have been made for us. Karma is both good and bad and I find it hard to believe that you could have done anything at all to precipitate this reaction within your body.

We are all capable of the positive and the negative forces. Some people "fail" in that they do not recognize the dual and connected nature of reality. The good can not exist without the bad and neither should ever rise above the other. Too much "good" is self serving, hedonistic, it is against nature in the way that immortality is against nature.

With life, there is always death. Conversely, too much "bad" is self serving, hedonistic, and against nature. Perceiving the "good" extremely often puts you in a state of self-aware euphoria whereas perceiving the "bad" can often bring about nightmares, fear, and unnecessary anxiety.

Here is a question: When you had your bad experience with mushrooms - is it because you were coming face to face with an ominous darkness? What was the setting in which you were practicing?

Your experience may have been difficult for you for many reasons including environment, company, and comfort. Also, because of the worries you have regarding your cancer - what happens when you die? This is something that you will unfortunately have to SERIOUSLY come to terms with in order to beat your cancer. As a part of nature, you are a part of the dual forces that combine in unity to form reality.

Recognize the cycles of life and death, even your own, in order to get past the physical reality of the situation and take control of your life and your healing process. This is the purpose of the Ayahuasca journey. You do *not* need to be in perfect health in order to receive the insights from the methods you are meant to partake in. The portal between reality and non-reality, space and time, is the portal between life and death. Ayahuasca allows you to come to terms with yourself as an equal to the everything and the nothing.

Here is a link about the Ayahuasca journey of another who is still surviving cancer and partaking in regular Ayahuasca therapy sessions.

Other links are available through the first that are in need of your attention. You can beat this cancer if you can once again become one with the universe and all of its cyclical motion.

In terms of the negative energy that is attacking you, I personally feel that it is the same demon recognized above. Your death is coming forward and you are unable to see past the negative notions that this represents and so you are unable to access the mysteries of the universe through divination.

For this, I have an exercise.

Creating A Sigil
No matter what you label this negative entity is, whether you created it in fear or it came to you as something entirely separate from you is irrelevant. It still exists in the form that you are perceiving. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Try not to focus on your cancer but on the entity itself that is getting in the way. Write down a wish that you would have happen.

Write in large bold letters ALLOW PEACE FROM DARKNESS which can be the perfect mantra to relieve you of this entity. Do not look at the desired outcome as a direct opposite to darkness itself. Instead, recognize duality and concentrate on the peace that comes with an equal balance between both light and dark.

After you write this down, remove all repeated letters, cross them out one by one and rewrite the remaining letters to spell out:


From here, I want you to rearrange the letters and draw them in pictoral form, still focussing on a balance between both light and dark, a balance which allows you to be an active part of the universe and thus an active part in your own healing process.

A good, and working sigil, should look something like this: - A modern sigil made for another's wish.

Mantra Meditation
Sit in a comfortable position and direct your visual attention to the sigil. Focus on the entity that you know exists to get in the way of your path. Breathe in and out deeply, calmly and repeat the mantra "AHL OW PEK FREM D'KENS" (a mantra created out of ALLOW PEACE FROM DARKNESS) while concentrating on universal oneness. When your own mind starts to blur from the mantra and you lose the recognition of your "self" proceed to thinking of absolutely nothing at all. Sit calmly, as long as possible, thinking about nothing, and allow the peace - the answers you seek - to come to you gradually.

Journal Entry
When you have completed this exercise, write out a copy of your entire experience. Include the date, time, duration of activity and exactly the activity you are casting (Sigil and Balance Meditation). Talk about the thoughts and conditions that may have gotten in the way of a successful ritual. Talk about the ritual's success through images, senses, and perceptions gained throughout.

Ad vitam paramus, vivere disce, cogita mori